2010. június 30., szerda

Crassula bonsai fejlődése




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  1. Hello Maple.

    First thanks for the web that I follow and I really like to follow the posts.

    Maple, is getting quite attractive your Crassula .
    Is unusual to see in Bonsai.
    I've been also working with the species and have enough liked, I have published one,on my web in this link:

    I have tried to reduce the leafs and I am able, with partial cut leafs (i dont know the name in English).
    I'll cut one by one when it gets big and has resulted in his place two very small.
    I think we can make very attractive bonsai worked well, and I liked follow ,the progress of yours, was good to share some experience.

    Congratulations for your web.
    The best regards from Portugal
    Rodrigo Sousa

  2. Dear Rodrigo,

    first of all thank You for your comments, and good words. You have also a nice Crassula with a good thick trunksturcture, I have also some others with big trunks, but I let it still grow, so I left some twigs to grow at the trunk base(nebari), I will post it soon too.

    Best Regards from Hungary
    Attila Baumann (Alias MapleTree)